Newstand mag sales decline dramatically both sides of the border

The Audit Bureau of Canada 44 per cent of Canadian magazines experienced double digit sales declines for the first six months of the year; there were 18 of 62 English and French magazines that showed an increase. Ditto for the US; both countries showed approximate six per cent decline in newstand mag sales so far this year.

Globe and Mail, August 12 2008

MSM/NM continue to struggle for accommodation over Olympics, Edwards

The tape delay by NBC of the Olympic opening, together with the reluctance of MSM to pick up the National Enquirer story on John Edwards has generated the usual NM versus MSM hype. A more thoughtful column by David Carr of the New York Times points out that some afterthought to both events show that consumers of news are actually far ahead of the theorists of news in how they use both to get what they want, without picking one over the other.

New York Times, August 11 2008

Harper’s new communications director gets wary approval

Hill Times gives a modified ok to the new charm offensive coming from the Prime Minister’s office. Remains to be seen whether the new approach can overcome the┬ádamage┬ádone to date.

Hill Times, August 11 2008


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