Missed your National Post?

Thanks to a strike at the Winnipeg Free Press, which also prints the National Post, the Post is “not hitting the streets” as the Globe so archly puts it. Strange marketing strategy: you have bled buckets of money in the past 10 years, never earning a profit, and to help build customer loyalty, you just don’t print it so people can’t buy it. Anyway, the Globe has some fun with it, in a dry Globe manner.

Globe and Mail, October 15 2008

Maclean’s wins hate case, again

For the third time, a human rights commission has ruled that Maclean’s and Mark Steyn’s story were not hate speech. So, how many times does this have to go to a human rights commission? You would think once would be enough. Needs to be some federal/provincial co-ordination on these things. Surely human rights under the Canadian constitution can’t vary too significantly from province to province.

National Post, Oct. 11 2008

Magazines, Mymagazines.com seem to have settled

I have an unconfirmed report that there has been a legal settlement between all the major magazine groups and Mymagazines.com, which shared magazine copy freely, without royalties. At some point some kind of deal has to be done; it’s still copyright violation if you use anyone’s material without permission, unless you’re just citing a source. Be interesting to hear more details on this.

foliomag.com, Oct. 8 2008

Defamation law in need of change: media lawyer

An article in Law Times by a media lawyer argues that recent decisions attempting to more clearly define what is defamation in fact only muddy the waters and complicate the process of seeking legal redress (among the questions to be asked are whether the reporter put in enough time on the story and did he seek info form all available sources, which are tough enough to do in the best of times. Some thoughtful reading; there’s a reason defamation law is called the peculiar tort; it’s one of the difficult types of cases to prove or disprove.

Law Times, October 2008

Americans rely on old media in credit crisis

Interesting story from Saturday’s Globe about the huge web traffic going to MSM sites like the New York Times and Wall St. Journal. While the subscriptions are still declining, nevertheless, people go to trusted sources first, not the blogosphere, for credible information in a crunch.

Globe and Mail, Oct. 4 2008


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