Another bad day for CanWest

This Globe story provides some background on the economic environment that the Aspers are trying to deal with. The big news is that CanWest shares were valued at $42.85 in 1996; yesterday they closed at 73 cents. If you’re looking at papering your bathroom, it’s probably cheaper to use CanWest shares than buy wallpaper.

Globe and Mail, November 15 2008

China eases international media restrictions

China has agreed, following trade complaints from North America and Europe, that agencies like Thomson Reuters do not have to be licensed by Xinhua News Agency, the official media arm of the Communist Party. Instead they will set up a new commission; it will be interesting to see if it will be truly objective. Still, it’s an effort in a country which is highly leery of foreign news firms.

European Journalism Centre, November 14 2008


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