Networks lobby for more local news cutbacks

Within two weeks of CRTC announcing a new $61 million fund for small-market (under one million people) outlets to beef up local news programming, the three major television networks are already lobbying CRTC to cut costs by cutting budgets (i.e. staff) for local news broadcasts. Write the CRTC: don’t fall for this.

Globe and Mail, Nov. 24 2008

Bailout packages for laid off journalists: free blogs

The New York Times reports that a blogging service is offering free services, including tech support, to laid off US journalists (which, given the state of media in the States, is a very large group.) With thanks to Bob Langlois for spotting this.

New York Times, Nov. 23 2008

Guidelines for off the record interviews by the feds

Prime Minister Harper’s communications director, Kory Teneycke, sets out some guidelines for the conduct of off-the-record interviews by his office. This is fairly standard procedure in briefing reporters or providing background information, often done not by politicians but by bureaucrats who traditionally are faceless (but not voiceless) to the media.

davidakin, Nov. 21


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