CTV’s turn

Today CTV announced 105 staff to be cut back across its operations. Still unclear where they’ll be; CTV telegraphed this announcement last week, meaning a lot of CTV employees will be twisting in the wind, wondering whether the cuts will be in news, sales, production etc. I prefer the CanWest approach: make all the cuts at once, and define where they’ll be, so that gloom doesn’t spread across the organization.

Reuters/reportonbusiness, Nov. 27 2008

CBC, Sun in Freedom of Information tangle

Now that federal Crown Corporations such as CBC are subject to Freedom of Information laws, the Sun newspaper chain has been bombarding them with requests, highlighting executive spending (wonder how much the Sun spends on its executives; since it is private sector, we’ll never know). Anyway, the CBC is getting rather defensive about all this.

Canadian Press, Nov. 25 2008


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