Sucking up to the source: beat sweeteners

Amusing but realistic report on how Washington press corps are sucking up to Obama’s media and PR people, offering flatering profiles in what is a rite of passage: beat reporters trying to get access to the new team. This lasts for a two, three months, then the usual relationship sets in: “an ambivalent ‘love-hate’ relationship, fraught with conflict, sustained by professional interdependence, and tempered through negotiation.” (Brian Biggar) Thanks to Tyler McMurchy for sending me this., March 3 2009

Fee-for-carriage new mantra for private broadcasters

Nice summary article from the Globe today on the troubles hitting Canadian private broadcasters and the strategies CTV and Global are putting forward to correct them. The language is apocalyptic; every business is facing the same financial troubles these days, and when the recession lifts and ad revenues return, wonder if the privates will be willing to forgo fee for carriage. Anyway, interesting to speculate if CBC might jump on the same bandwagon, thus wreaking havoc on the CTV/Global arguments. But why not? Digital/specialty channels are being carried by cable/satellite fees; why shouldn’t their be a level playing fee (or better yet, cut the fee-for-carriage fees for the specialties, and let all the channels compete for eyeballs.

Globe and Mail, March 4 2009


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