Tiger Tiger, burning bright

In the forests of the night;

What immortal hand or eye

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

With apologies to William Blake, what was Tiger Woods, in all his fearful symmetry, doing in the forests of his night last week? Guess we’ll never know, because he’s not telling, but I’m having a hard time with him not cooperating with the police. Excessive,obsessive overachievers like Tiger Woods have such strong egos they don’t feel answerable to anyone. It might cost him though; there’s a lot of sponsors who have as much claim on his reputation as he does. Link below to the PR advice he should be getting, and taking.

Devilballgolf, Nov. 3o 2009

Andrews nude photos expose dark side of MSM, NM and us

So a (PIU)(U)_*U)_ drills a hole in the wall and takes a video of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews in the nude and posts it on the net. Appalling enough, but then MSM picks it up (New York Post, CBS, CNN and others) pick it up and run it as a story. What story? This is just lechery plain and simple. As for either MSM or NM being morally superior to the other, they are only as good as the men (in this case) who run them and use them. As Cassius put it so well, “The fault dear Brutus is not in the stars, it is in ourselves…”

National Post, July 21 2009

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner takes on Facebook

Privacy in the digital age is a huge issue, as is the right of national governments to legislate a world-wide phenomenon. The latest today is that Canada’s Privacy Commissioner has given 30 days to clean up its act and strengthen privacy, while apparently choking down on access. Likely another great fight, but one worthy of having. A lot of this comes down to the individual’s right to disclose as much as they want to about themselves, but not enough people are reading the fine print of the agreements they sign and don’t realize just who is getting access to their info.

Globe and Mail, July 17 2009


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