A few good words about Maxime Bernier, from his CRTC days

This National Post commentary argues that Bernier was an effective minister at CRTC moving the regulator to a more free market basis (though why a regulator is necessary in a free market is a bit of a conundrum.) Anyway, in the current media storm of salaciousness about his ex-girlfriend, nice to see that some media commentators are capable of looking beyond the mud to the policies of elected officials, particularly when it comes to media.

National Post, The Yes Minister, May 29, 2008

Arguments against publication bans

Calgary Sun columnist Kevin Martin makes some cogent arguments regarding excessive use of publication bans in criminal cases. While sometimes mandated legally under provincial law (for example, most provinces routinely see bans in cases involving child welfare, putting the needs of a usually distraught family ahead of the public’s right to know), in fact they seem to be coming more and more in usage these days.

Calgary Sun, May 29, 2008: Time to end publication bans

Study shows Mainstream and New media complement each other

The spring edition of the Public Relations Society of America’s Journal has an article summarizing a three year international survey of public relations practitioners that indicates both types of media continue to thrive and influence each other. The study also finds that blogs and social media have changed the way organizations communicate with their external audiences.

PRSA Journal, Vol. 2, No. 2 Spring 2008

More right wing CBC bashing

Lorne Gunter continues the right’s assault on CBC, particularly television. It shouldn’t be forgotten that, while the role of CBC TV is open to debate in the multi-channel digital TV world, CBC Radio is the only national radio network in the country. Also, Radio One’s ratings continue to be strong (I’ll wait until the new format of Radio Two is launched before commenting on its success or failure.) The role of CBC does need a thorough, thoughtful discussion, beyond just pulling the plug as Mr. Gunter recommends.

The National Post A12, May 26 2008

Latest Canadian magazine circulation stats

Titles for female readers dominate the top ten magazines in Canada, according to figures released by Masthead magazine. Chatelaine, Canadian Living, Readers’ Digest and Maclean’s lead the list.

Published in the May 20 2008 Globe and Mail, page R2.

Criminal Charges for Alleged Facebook Fraud

A Manitoba youth has been charged with a criminal offence for impersonating one of his teachers in the popular social networking site Facebook.

While a number of people have been charged with civil offences for false Facebook entries, this is the first instance of someone facing jail time.

The Canadian statute defining personation specifies that the charge only applies if the impersonator intends to either personally profit or to harm his victim in the process.

The article is in the May 6, 2008 Globe and Mail, page L1.