China promises unlimited, but limited, media access for Olympics

AP reports that Chinese officials are promising foreign media unlimited access during the Olympics, except for Tibet, and access to Tianamen Square is still uncertain. It still will be interesting if this high-level “guarantee” will be respected by officials on the ground.

Associated Press, July 17 2008


2 Responses

  1. Chinese authorities won’t lose any sleep over access. What do they have to fear, that the 5,000 sports reporters on site start doing human rights stories? That seems rather unlikely.
    Beijing gets to host the Olympics, it’s a huge PR victory for them. The only way they can screw this up is by shooting the athletes.

  2. What they fear is that a protester will show up at Tienanmen Square, and a western cameraperson will take a shot , and the world will instantly see the social tensions in modern China. And there are a lot of people in modern China who want to bring the world’s attention to China’s supreme disregard to human rights. These are the kind of people who will stand in front of a tank to challenge authority for rights.

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