Product placement in news programs a disturbing trend

Some US morning talk shows are using product placement on their shows, for example putting cups of McDonald’s iced coffee on the desk in front of the anchors. This is yet another attempt to break the wall between news and advertising (though it’s sometimes hard to call morning news real news, since they generally focus on positive fluff stories, interspersed with five minutes of hard news every hour on the hour.) Still, it raises concerns about blurring the lines between news and promotion.

New York Times July 22, 2008


Defence group slams Canadian media

The Conference of Defence Organizations Institute slammed Canadian news media as superficial and dumbed-down in a recent speech at the graduating class of the Royal Military College. Not sure what this is about; MSM has been very supportive of our troops in Kandahar, and the main criticism has come from legitimate queries into policy, such as what are our war aims, are we succeeding, why are some NATO troops under fire while other of our “allies” are forbidden from action. Seems to me that the media are simply doing their job, and the Institute is looking for stenographers, not reporters., July 23 2008