Beijing Olympics to be subject of major new media analysis

NBC spent $900 million on broadcast rights for Beijing, but its more than just its MSM television network that will provide coverage. Platforms include multiple television channels, the net, cell phones and cable video-on-demand. An in-depth article in Saturday’s Globe looks at this from the research point of view: for the first time, NBC has hired five different research firms to tell them who is watching what of the Beijing Olympics, on what technology. This is hoped to provide NBC with some solid evidence going forward for what, for example, really works well as video on demand versus what works best for its main channel.

Globe and Mail July 27 2008


One Response

  1. Yes,

    that got my atention too
    . How much do you suppose such an analysis would
    It would be great to be able to access that data once they’re done. There’s
    no chance that will happen, of course – corporate secret for sure.
    Final Spin

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