Feds cut funds for magazines, books, video

The Globe and Mail reports today a $44.8 million cutback in the arts, particularly affecting the very vulnerable book and magazine industries. At least they’re not trying to spin this as an advantage to the arts movement.

“When we find examples of programs that are clearly not meeting their objectives, without apologies we will cancel them. That is the entire purpose of Strategic Review. We owe that to taxpayers,” Mr. Teneycke added, calling PromArt “a boondoggle.”

Globe and Mail, August 21, 2008


One Response

  1. Sounds like the “objectives” they fail to meet are monetarily measured. You see the same politics in any major University– how else could you explain the brand new science building at Wilfrid Laurier, for example, while I was stuck taking English and Philosophy courses in a dilapidated old classroom?
    As long as we have brains there will be an interest in the arts, but will there always be the opportunity to pursue that interest?

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