CanWest apologizes to Tim’s

If you missed Global National yesterday, you can click on to to read the formal apology CanWest made to Tim Horton’s regarding coverage last year on Tim’s putting up a franchise in Kandahar for the Canadian troops. (I suspect the $100 million lawsuit against CanWest, Standard and others had something to do with it; see the ROB link for that background.) Interesting that neither an Asper or a broadcaster made the on-air apology; it was left to a Senior Vice President to do. Anyway, a lesson here for journalists who make factual errors: it’s a lot cheaper and easier to simply admit to the mistake once a mistake has been made, than spend a fortune on lawyers that results in an even more high profile retraction and apology. Faithful readers can link to or read Craig Silverman’s book of the same name, an epic investigation into why reporters make errors, and some very helpful suggestions on how to handle them., September 24 2008

ROB, March 7 2007


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