Globe piles on CBC

Today’s Globe has not one, not two but three stories on CBC’s recent apology for its blogger Heather Mallick’ comments on Gov. Sarah Palin. There’s something about CBC screwups (as if they’re the only media, MSM or otherwise, to ever screw up) that causes the rest of the media world to turn into a pack of angry, rabid jackals. Enough already; it’s just the point of view of a blogger (and can there be any form of media more obscure than a CBC blogger?) While not immune to reflexive CBC bashing myself (as note, for example, the gratuitous cheap shot in the previous line) we should all try to keep our CBC bias a bit in check. The blog in question passes for fair comment – and fair comment doesn’t mean nice, just that it’s a fair expression of public opinion – and doesn’t require either a CBC apology or a mainstream media piling on. No links; let’s all try to get back to normal.