CRTC decision to call for more local news in smaller markets

Yesterday’s CRTC decisions on a wide range of issues have focused on how over the air broadcasters (CTV, Global) can access cable funding. You can read about this in the Globe and Mail (or the National Post, if it were still publishing in western Canada, but I digress.) Way down in the backgrounder though, at point number three, is a plan to establish a fund for small (under one million) markets to improve the amount and quality of local news they provide, even going so far as to hire more reporters. Not only that, they are going to review local community cable channels to see if the same program can be extended to them. Now this is progress.

Stations must use these funds to increase their current expenditures on local programming, which should result in expanded news bureaus and more original local news stories.

CRTC, October 30 2008


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