CRTC ponders the net and new media

Michael Geist summarizes the various proposals put forward for the CRTC’s role, if any, in regulating the net. Up to now, CRTC has been deliberately hands-off. As it considers whether to take a role, it has received submissions coming down to two main issues: stay hands-off (supported by media companies), and take a more activist role (the Canadian culture industry, no doubt looking for some money from this. Yes, my bias is showing: I’m not sure what value CRTC would add to the net that existing law doesn’t cover. I occasionally post items from the US or overseas; do I have to have a certain proportion of my posts Canadian? Do I have to get a note from some munchkin at CRTC to heavy up the Canadian content (at least that would add to my reader base….)

The Star, December 16 2008


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