CAJ warns about decline in numbers of reporters

The Canadian Association of Journalists put out a news release decrying the layoffs sweeping through media right now, particularly newspapers.  In the last three months, 1200 positions have been lost (though not all journalists; it  may include salespeople and support staff.) The numbers have been declining for decades, despite the growth of new media in that time (digital TV channels, all news radio stations, The National Post). Here are the numbers for the Statscan category called journalists, from the last four censuses:

1991: 13,470

1996: 12,660

2001: 12,960

2006: 13,320

What looks like a decline followed by a modest pullback to 1992 numbers is no doubt, after the last three months, the lowest number of working jnournalists in Canada in 15 years.

CAJ, Jan. 5 2009


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