Palin blames media

Sarah Palin continues her fight against media, noting that the treatment political tyro Caroline Kennedy is getting in her search for an appointment to the US Senate is kid gloves compared to what she got as a Vice-Presidential candidate. She has a point; Kennedy is vacuous and inexperienced, with nothing but a prominent name behind her. Palin at least served in muncipal and state politics. It reminds me of Lyndon Johnson’s quote about the best and brightest administation JFK left him, the one that got him into Vietnam: “I wish just one of them had run for dogcatcher once.” Political experience is necessary before stepping up to a big time political job. Even then it’s no guarantee of success.

msnbc, Jan. 9 2009


2 Responses

  1. I dunno; from what I’ve read in the wake of Caroline Kennedy’s interview, she’s been savaged for her lack of skill in communicating.

    But I haven’t been following the story intensively, so maybe Palin has a point.

  2. Yeah, she’s been criticized for her lack of communications skills, but the point I think Palin is making is that she lacks political skills and experience, and the New York media isn’t addressing that. Does she have a health policy? A position on South Ossetia? An economic plan? So far, all I see is a name.

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