French to boost newspaper industry

It’ll never happen here, given the contentious relationship between Steven Harper and the media, but the French gov’t announced yesterday that it will boost its ailing newspaper industry by doubling the gov’ts ad budget, increasing its newspaper subsidy by nine times (to C$111 million) and by buying a free one year mainstream newspaper subscription to every French citizen turning eighteen. Given the number of industries (including the US porn industry) lined up at the gov’t trough for bailouts, this one seems legit: an industry on hard times that nevertheless has a significant social role as well as an economic one.

“It is indeed (the state’s) responsibility … to make sure an independent, free and pluralistic press exists.”

Associated Press/Canoe media, Nov. 24 2009


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  1. Cellphones have revolutionized the developing world. No doubt future devices like the Kindle will too, and polymer paper. These things start off absurdly priced. I see a good argument for Federally subsidizing newspapers to create cutting edge content for whatever the cutting edge info delivery technologies are. I think Thomson has already realized this.

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