Globe summarizes crisis of newspapers

Lenfthy two page feature in yesterday’s Globe that summarizes the ills facing North American newspapers, but unfortunately not providing any solution, or even suggestion, for newspapers to get out of this mess. Focusing on the upcoming demise of the San Francisco chronicle (which today announced major cutbacks to its collective agreement and staff to try to cling to existence), it does provide a neat summary of the dilemma today’s newspapers are in, focusing on their inability to understand the web. They still don’t get it. Most newspapers put their web stuff up once a day, adhering to traditional newspaper deadlines, while the broadcast guys are updating their sites through the day, adhering to their traditional schedule of frequent updates. There are some lame attempts to have reporters and columnists do blogs, but reflexively they save their best stuff for the “real” media and most of their blogs wouldn’t get past their editors’ desk. Some discussion of options for new business models (foundations, e-papers) but they are still unproven.

Globe and Mail, March 14 2009


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