Canadian mags steady (if somewhat declining); Sun increases daily circulation

The latest PMB shows some decline in readership, but generally steady over two years. More interestingly, the Monday to Friday readership of three of the four major Toronto dailies (Globe, Post, Star) declined 5 – 8 per cent from last year, but the plucky Toronto Sun has increased to 822,000 an almost four per cent rise. Perhaps I need to reconsider my prediction that the Sun chain is the most likely to go down, particularly in this harsh economic environment.

Globe and Mail, March 27 2009


Arguments building for fee for carriage for CTV/Global (but not, apparently, CBC)

CRTC released info yesterday that digital/specialty channels made almost $690 million last year, while traditional over the air networks like CTV and Global made about $8 million. In line with the CRTC head testifying Wednesday before a parliamentary committe that fee for carriage (i.e. adding a cost to your cable/saellite bill to receive CTV/Global) “should be considered.” Looks like CRTC is setting up the public for just that move.

Mediacastermagazine, March 27 2009