CTV launches multi media campaign for carriage fees

Under the banner “save local tv”, CTV has launched an ad campaign and website (link below) to further its argument that over-the-air broadcasters (primarily it and Global) be allowed to charge the same fee to cable and satellite subscribers that the specialty, digital channels charge, like TSN and Discovery. This would level the playing field for all television tetworks, they argue. They skirt around, but refer to, another solution: subscribers should pay a fee for every channel they want to watch, and not have to have them bundled into a package with two or three duds they will never watch. Argue for this one folks, and cite CTV:

To protect consumers, we are calling for a review of how cable and satellite companies bundle and bill consumers for the TV channels you choose. We support consumer choice.

savelocal.ctv.ca, May 20 2009


2 Responses

  1. CTV and Global have been running just about every show from the American networks that I can watch on basic cable. It’s this outdated business practice that’s been hurting CTV and Global, not the economy. It’s time that CTV and Global try airing some of the shows that don’t get a chance to be seen on Canadian television. They can save themselves, I shouldn’t have to do it through a higher cable bill.

  2. I don’t get the free TV stuff about shows available on cable… If I want a portion of my cable bill to go to the local TV station, what’s the problem with that? Really? Cable and satellite companies pay these fees in the US, and it is working for consumers who get better bundles of channels, channels they want to watch. Look at your cable bill this month, and look at the bundle of channels you pay for, and consider the number of channels you actually watch. Right now we pay for crap we don’t watch (this is the real “unfair tax” on cable consumers, fees for channels we don’t watch) while we are loosing the stations that deliver the news and programming we do watch. Something’s not right in the way channels are being bundled together. Consumers should have more choice here and consumer choice should be respected in channel bundling and billing.

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