Cable wants CRTC to stop CTV campaign

Well, the fighting and bickering continue between CTV and the cable companies. Now cable is demanding that the CRTC bring CTV’s multi-media campaign to an end. Later on in the story, it notes that the CRTC has signalled it wants the two sides to go to a mediator to resolve the argument over carriage fees for over-the-air broadcasters. Fat chance of that working the way the two sides have dug in their heels over this issue.

Globe and Mail, May 23 2009


One Response

  1. I am writing the CRTC on this, and complaining about how cable gouges. The “theme packs” to force channels of little interest. E.g. Rogers wanted $26 a month for me to keep History Television along with 16 channels I did not want. That’s $26 for only ONE channel. Further, they nickel and dime on “modem rentals, access fees which are never stated as part of the pricing. In short, why not pay a basic fee for the service and equipment, then a $2 per channel period? You’re paying for a lot of stuff you never watch, why?

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