CRTC nixes regulating new media

In a decision announced last week, the CRTC, after lengthy hearings, decided to continue its policy of not regulating new media (web etc.) Two of its reasons are ones I’ve always argued:

1. There is no business model for NM, as there is for MSM. NM lose more money than they make (even Youtube is losing money), and while the big winners like Googol make billions, so the losers like Yahoo etc. (after a good run) also lose millions). And NM is just as affected by the ad slump as MSM, with banner ad sales down 4 per cent over last year.

2. CRTC defines NM as “complementary” to MSM. In short, one won’t replace the other and in fact they have a symbiotic relationship.

Better to let the market develop and define NM before the CRTC gets involved.

Canoe/CP story, June 4 2009

CRTC ruling in full, June 4 2009


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