Znaimer buys TV channels for his Zoomer network

Moses Znaimer has bought up a few small religious/multicultural channels as part of his multiplatform bid for the most lucrative demographic of all — the Baby Boomers. Yes, this plus 55 market, long derided by marketers as a demographic fit for denture and adult diaper ads, is actually the largest by size and wealth in the country, and Znaimer, who has successfully marketed to this generation for decades, is not letting go. He launched Zoomer magazine last fall, bought up a classical radio station in Toronto and now has TV stations. Though he denies it (and the CRTC will have something to say if he tries to change programming) the new media buys will likely continue to target Zoomerworld.

Marketwire, June 15 2009

Globe and Mail, June 16 2009


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