Globe/union get extension till Thursday midnight

Typically, once a final offer is on the table bargaining stops, and the next step when the final offer is refused is strike/lockout. The Globe and Mail and its union, though, have opted for mediation, to the above deadline. It doesn’t mean a deal is imminent though; a mediator first has to determine whether there’s room for negotiation (if not, the mediator then files a report that the two sides are deadlocked). Assuming there is, most mediators want both sides to give up some demands before filing a mediation report recommending a contract. Then both sides have to vote on that contract. At this point, I’m betting on lockout or strike. Since there’s a media ban on this (nice how the media exempt themselves from the usual coverage they provide) we likely won’t know till Friday morning what the result is.

CP/Canoe, June 29 2009


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