Third time’s the charm? Copyright legislation back on agenda

Well, here we go again: another round of public consultation on new copyright legislation that will help (depending on who’s point of view you believe) sort out some of the trickier aspects of traditional copyright in the new media age. This very blog violates copyright laws every day, as do most blogs. We link to copyrighted sites, but don’t ask for permission to link onto intellectual property owned by someone else. Well sure, most people/organizations¬† don’t mind being linked to; it adds to their readership. And we seem to have evolved into a variation of a negative billing option: if anyone objects to the link, Netiquette requires that we de-link. If we link but misrepresent the argument of the link (as I have done), we put in a correction. So, the digital world is sorting out some protocols; the big fight is corporate entertainment which stands to lose gazillions from the net.

The North Bay Nugget, July 18 2oo9


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