CHEK TV to fade to black

It was too good to be true. The employees’/union group trying to buy CHEK TV Victoria from Canwest has been turned down, by Canwest. I can’t follow the financial logic of the move; Canwest was quite happy to sell a couple of its stations for a dollar just to get them off their books. The Aspers continue to show no loyalty or dedication to their properties or the communities they serve other than that of  the bottom line. I’m reading The Uncrowned King by Kenneth Whyte, the early days of  William Randolph Hearst. Despite Heatst’s yellow journalism reputation, Whyte argues convincingly that Hearst was a passionate, committed proprietor who cared about the news and its readers. The Aspers should read it; among other things, Hearst’s newspapers made money.

Vancouver Sun, August 28 2009


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