Harper praises press freedom, then ducks press

Some days Stgephen Harper is beyond irony. yesterday he was speaking at a banquet of the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada, singing the praises of Canadian media freedom while decrying the restrictions placed on media by places like China. Bravo Prime Minister! Then what does he do? He runs out behind the black curtain behind him to avoid actually talking to the press. Boo Prime Minister! Actually, there’s nothing wrong or unusual about Prime Ministers being wary to the point of hateful to media; better Prime Ministers than Harper (Pearson, Trudeau, Mulroney) were openlyl disdainful to media, but at least they were honest about it (Trudeau was so frustrated at his government’s inability to communicate through the media that he set up an agency called Information Canada that could provide direct information from government to the people, without the intermediation of media. The media immediately dubbed it PropCan.)

CTV, Nov. 22 2009


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