Tiger Tiger, burning bright

In the forests of the night;

What immortal hand or eye

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

With apologies to William Blake, what was Tiger Woods, in all his fearful symmetry, doing in the forests of his night last week? Guess we’ll never know, because he’s not telling, but I’m having a hard time with him not cooperating with the police. Excessive,obsessive overachievers like Tiger Woods have such strong egos they don’t feel answerable to anyone. It might cost him though; there’s a lot of sponsors who have as much claim on his reputation as he does. Link below to the PR advice he should be getting, and taking.

Devilballgolf, Nov. 3o 2009


One Response

  1. If tiger was as badly injured as reports suggest he was probably on pain medication. That alone would be reason enough for me not to talk to police. I say some wild things when on pain medication. I would hate to think that any of it would be used in a court of law.

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