Yahoo beats NBC in Olympic hits

According to ComScore, “Yahoo’s Olympics-devoted site received 32 million unique visitors during the two-week event. NBC’s Olympics site drew 18.9 million unique visitors.” On the plus side, NBC tripled its net hits from 2006.

Canoe/AP March8 2010


Americans access news from many platforms: Pew study

The helpful people at Pew have done another study on American news habits, this time showing that only seven per cent of people get their news from one source; most access five or six different types of news media a day, shifting between mainstream and “new” media. Oddly enough, local television and national television news are still the favorites before internet, and 34 per cent of Americans get their news off their cellphone. Complete study below; it’s worth a look to find out how people are getting their news in the multi-platform media.

Pew/, March 1 2010

Black bids for CanWest!!

Thought that would send the blood pressure spiking. No, it’s not Conrad, but David Black of Black Press, based in BC, who’s put in a bid for the newspaper portion of CanWest, joining about half a dozen prospective buyers in the bid for the bankrupt dailies. Final sale is expected to be in April, which then would make the fate of the dailies a little more clear. At that time, they can be broken up, or the new owners can try to return to the Southam model.

And as has widely been reported, Leonard Asper has finally stepped down from CanWest. I suspect there will celebrations in newsrooms across the country.

Globe and Mail, March 4 2010

Bay Street gives sign of support for newspapers

Torstar saw its shares rise almost 20 per cent in one day yesterday when a bank analyst upgraded it as a potential investment. TD Newcrest rated it “action list buy”,  the  highest ranking TD assigns to a stock. Interestingly, TD rates the community weekly newspapers Torstar owns, not its flagship daily, as the main driver of corporate revenue. Investors have just bought a huge amount of stock; wonder how the other chains will fare (outside bankrupt Canwest) as their quarterlies come out, particularly Quebecor, whose Sun chain has been struggling with advertisers for some time.

Financial Post, March 3 2010

British Library to archive old web sites

It had to happen sometime: the British Library is going to archive old websites before they vanish into the ether. It’s a good idea; archives have already been saving radio and television programs, and old movies. But does now mean that the internet world is now “old” media, which as we all know is decidedly inferior to new media? Anyway, the web has been around for quite some time, and mainstream since the mid-90’s.

Washington Post, March 2 2010

ABC looking at 25 per cent cuts

While ABC isn’t talking numbers, speculation is that it may slash 25 per cent of its workforce, and rely more on contract/freelancers. I seem to recall CBC doing this 20 years ago, but not having enough money to hire those magical freelancers. The quality of the news hasn’t been that good since, nor have their TV ratings improved (CBC radio one has held up pretty well over the past decade.)

Associated Press, Feb. 23 2010