CBC survey shows much disgruntlement

A survey of CBC radio reporters shows that the troops are getting restless. While there are a few signs of hope, a lot of complaints come from reporters about the quality of the news they offer and the change in corporate culture. One thing needs to be considered before reading this: as one of my old journalism profs once put it: ” Bill, I’ve never met a happy reporter…”

J-source, April 22 2010


2 Responses

  1. I think there’s something about J-school profs that compells them to make their students dread the careers they’ve chosen.

    In my first week, we were told “If you want to make a lot of money, you’ve chosen the wrong profession.”

    Hey, even if that’s true, why say it? I think there’s a self-fulfilling prophecy effect that kicks in.

    • Since the universities and colleges are not being upfront about the job and salary prospects for journalism grads it has fallen on the honest profs, teachers and lecturers to out their own programs. Schools are taking in far too many journalism students in a blatant cash grab. They should be cutting back based on the serious lack of journalism jobs available. BTW, the same is true for TV production courses and film.

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