First Pulitzer to a media website

The media site ProPublica won a Pulitzer for its coverage of a medical clinic post Katrina in New Orleans. ProPublica is a non profit site, and the article was done in conjunction with the New York Times Magazine, so it’s not as standalone a site as The Tyee seems to be. Anyway, a milestone; at long last is the web going to live up to its promise as a medium for real news?

Washington Post, April 12 2010


CAJ in crisis: CAJ

An open letter from theĀ  Canadian Journalism Association’s Mary Agnes Welch puts it bluntly: the CAJ is in danger of folding due to a more than one-third drop in membership and a decline in corporate sponsorship. It’s grim reading, but worth it. CJA may find itself in CP’s position; having to reinvent itself and come up with more sources of revenue relating to selling its services.

J-Source, April 6 2010

Supreme Court to look at hyperlinking and defamation

The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to hear a case of defamation, on the issue of whether a blogger who hyperlinks to a defamatory site is also guilty of defamation. According to my brief study of media law, it should be clear cut: yes. Under current law, anyone, and any media, which repeats a defamatory statement is also guilty of defamation. Hence, when a defamatory statement is made, or felt to be made, libel lawyers will sue the origin of the defamation, and every media outlet that carries or repeats the defamation. Should be the same for bloggers; we are responsible for what we write., April 1 2010

CBC puts its case forward

The National Post is trying to ignite a debate on the role of CBC. Pierre Karl Peladeau gave the con case (see post below); yesterday, the Post let CBC have a chance to rebut. Yours for consideration.

National Post, April 1 2010