Globe shows Postmedia how to do multimedia news

The Globe proudly reports today its been nominated for an Emmy award in the category of new approaches to news and documentary programming, along with the New York Times, Reuters, San Jose Mercury News and, for its multimedia series Behind the Veil, and investigation into womens’ lives in Afghanistan. The Globe’s multimedia team assembled reporters, photographers, interpreters, web designers etc. to create a six part series featured in the newspaper of course, but simultaneously launched on a website with opportunities for extended interviews, new interviews of commentary in response to the story, and community outreach, that lasted far longer than the newspaper features.

So, Postmedia is back where it was 12 years ago, handing out camcorders to print reporters, suggesting they shoot something and put it up on the web, primarily it seems as an afterthought. The Globe and others are pushing the boundaries of technology to enhance and expand traditional newspaper storytelling and journalism, while Postmedia still seems to be stuck in the technological dark ages.

Globe and Mail, July 16 2010

CRTC to Sun News: HAH!

Her’s something you don’t see every day in this space: Let’s hear it for the CRTC! Yes, today the regulator told Sun TV it would not accept its application for a Category 1 license – forcing the new channel to be carried on every cable package across the country, a de facto tax on consumers raking in millions for Sun TV for the pleasure of having neocon political philosophy rammed down our throats. Don’t mind if the neocons get their own channel, but the neocons should pay for it. The CRTC suggested Sun TV do what everyone else does: get a basic licence, then negotiate with carriers how to carry it. Could be as popular as the all fishing channel….

Report on Business, July 16 2010