Harper/PKP plan to establish Tory media

It sounds like a Liberal paranoid fantasy, but Sun Media has appointed former Harper spinmeister Kory Teneycke as the Sun’s senior political editor. Mr. Teneycke is also slated to head the new Fox North, assuming Pierre Karl Peledeau gets CRTC approval for it. So far, the spirit of free enterprise asked CRTC to be mandatory on basic cable, forcing subscription on the majority of Canadians who do not define themselves as Conservative. Mercifully, the CRTC disagreed. J-source speculates on whether Harper will intervene/override the CRTC, so we can all have the pleasure of hearing the Tory party line all day long. I think I’ll switch to satellite.

J-source, August 23 2010

Ontario ponders anti-SLAPP law

Big business will launch Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) against community/advocacy groups which oppose their plans. The point is intimidation, and since public meetings/criticisms can involve colorful language stretching libel laws, sometimes they are effective in shutting down opposition. Quebec has anti-SLAPP legislation, now Ontario is considering it; every province should have it.

CBC, August 16 2010

I guess when you’re rich you can do what you want

Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal has just raised Obama’s subscription price to the WSJ: to $600,000 a year. Probably more politics than economics behind this, the perennial risk of proprietor owned media that has a political axe to grind. Still, as an investor I would wonder about the business sense behind this.

J-Source, July 29 2010