Quebec Press Council strengthened

At a time when most provincial press councils are in danger of folding, Quebec’s got a bit stronger by bringing in a radio chain, Astral media. Interesting idea, bringing in electronic media to a traditional press council. At least they have some good philosophy, though not entirely sure what their language “reintegrating the press council” really means.

Canada NewsWire, Sept. 27 2010

Sun takes CBC to court over FOI

The Sun chain is having fun with the CBC, taking it to court over the latter’s failure to comply with federal Freedom of Information laws. Funny how the media, like CBC, espouse open information from government, but behave like too many bureaucracies in preferring to withhold it. Let’s hear it for the Sun, which is actually doing something important for a change.

Toronto Sun, Sept. 15 2010

Harper gov’t continues to muzzle federal scientists

The cold, dead hand of Harper overcontrol continues to throttle scientific right of expression. This right is based on the principle that scientists should share information so that all can learn. While it’s fairly normal for most agencies to have a central PR function, this seems to be a case of taking it to extremes.

CTV, Sept. 19 2010

Convergence: back to the future

Haven’t we seen this movie before, ten years ago? BCE bought CTV, and Torstar sold its share of the Globe to the Thomson family. All this in favoring of leveraging content over multiple platforms. I’m not sure why it’s going to work this time, after failing so spectacularly last time. I guess there’s a pent up demand from people who want to watch Avatar on their one-inch square cell phone. If I’m a shareholder of BCE, I’m selling.

Locked-out Quebecor journalists start new weekly

Reporters from Le Journal de Montreal, who have been locked out since Jan. 2009, have started a new newspaper, Rue Frontenac. The province has appointed a mediator, but part of the issue is the leftist bias of the reporters fighting against the right wing views of Pierre Karl Peladeau, who’s trying to leverage the right wing (and barely noticed) Sun TV onto all our cable bills, since no one in their right mind (pun intended) takes seriously anything the Sun chain has to offer in its editorial pages.

CBC, Sept. 3 2010


New name, old tricks at Postmedia

So, CanWest cut 797 jobs last year, reducing their workforce to about 5,500. The “new” Postmedia is carrying on the tradition, whacking about 220 jobs this year. Will the last person to leave please put out the lights? How about firing all the executive suite, and all the really big salaries, instead of the lowly paid reporters and ad salesman?

Toronto Star/CP, Sept. 3 2010