Canada leading in open data

According to the Guardian, Canada is leading the world in providing access to open data, with governments here being viewed as more open to public access to the kind of data governments have buckets of: transit information, licensing, property searches etc. And that means more journalists have access to them as well. This fulfills a prediction Computer Assisted Reporters have been making for a few years: don’t just give us access to information, give us access to raw data and let us figure out what it means.

The Guardian, 9 November 2010


A new form of embedding for international journalism

Too often, foreign reporting out side of major capitals consists of sending a crew to a disaster, taking a few shots and some stories, then flying out to the nearest safe haven. The Guardian chose to embed itself in a small Ugandan community for three year, setting up a media centre and generally following the slow pace of development in what used to be called the third world. The Globe and Mail has started a similar project in Haiti. Well worth the read. And Walrus is worth subscribing to. I was skeptical earlier on, but the last two issues show more interesting commentary and excellent writing, on the level of Saturday Night in its better years.

The Walrus, December 2010