Mag copies blog; wants blog to pay

Here’s an odd one. A US cooking magazine lifted an article on applie pie from a cook’s blog and printed it all. When the blogger complained for breach of copyright and demanded payment and an apology, the magazine claimed it’s the blogger who should pay, for the fine work in editing the magazine did. Copyright is attached to any intellectual property; the magazine is trying to  bluff it’s way out, but it should pay up.

QMI/Canoe News, Nov. 5 2010


Ottawa Citizen chops ten editorial positions

The PostMedia buyouts are proceeding, with the Ottawa Citizen taking ten editorial positions out, among 42 in other departments. This is just one of several more cuts coming at PostMedia’s newspapers, making the incredible shrinking newsroom even smaller. How this helps responsible journalism I don’t know. People are always complaining about poor journalism; this isn’t going to help.

J-source, Nov. 1 2010

All publicity is good publicity — sometimes

A study published in the New York Times suggests that sometimes bad publicity — like GAP’s disastrous new logo — can actually be good for a company.  People forget, and sometimes loyalty to a brand overcomes negative publicity on a side issue. Don’t get your hopes up, BP: if you screw up in a big way, you’ll still have a heavy price to pay.


New York Times, Oct. 29 2010