Questions for Paul Godfrey

So,  Postmedia owner Paul Godfrey will be addressing the Regina Chamber of Commerce on Monday Dec. 20. I’d go, but I don’t want to waste $50 to hear the same blather about uniting the web and newspapers (it’s so 1999.) Some questions from the investment/business side that I hope the audience raises with him:

1. Why haven’t you fired everyone above the rank of publisher from the old CanWest days, for cause (the cause being they managed the company into bankruptcy)?

2. Why haven’t you shut down the National Post, which has consistently lost money for the past 12 years, and is leeching money from the profitable dailies?

3. Why are you giving your content away free on the net today while subscribers pay to read about it in tomorrow’s newspaper?

4. Why not adapt the New York Times model, and only allow subscribers to have free access to the website; anyone else who wants to visit your sites should pay a fee?

5. And why can’t you settle whatever problem you’re having with Greyhound so stores in Alberta and Saskatchewan can receive the National Post? And how do you expect to have a national newspaper that won’t provide home delivery in six provinces (Atlantic Canada, Manitoba and Saskatchewan) And one more time, why don’t you just shut it down? I haven’t read it in two months since I can’t buy it herer and can honestly say I’m not missing it.