Globe and Mail shows way in modern dailies

So, if the Postmedia group is showing the wrong way to do business, the revamped Globe and Mail is showing the right way. After about a year or so into its new format, circulation is up, higher than other dailies. The reason? Simply because the Globe has adapted its content, giving up the day to day stuff well covered by the 24 hour news channels and the web, except in such major things as Jack Layton’s death, and focusing more on commentary, background and features. It provides a double spread daily providing good depth (and great design) on a major issue and it has columns throughout. In short, it’s adopted the sports model of coverage. Since Joe Fan knows the score already, he doesn’t pick up the paper looking for a game report; he looks for the commentary and background to give the game report some greater meaning. So it is for news, now. The net gives us the day to day stuff, updated regularly. The printed page gives us something deeper and different from the net. A great combination; beats the convergence model all to hell.


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