William Wray CarneyWelcome to Media Relations in Canada blog, a common place in Canada for academics, journalists, communicators and anyone who cares about media and communications to share information and ideas. It is operated by me, Bill Carney, who wrote the standard text on media relations In the News: The Practice of Media Relations in Canada, published by the University of Alberta Press (second edition Feb. 2008). At this blog you will find links to academic journals, media magazines, professional sites (Canadian Association of Journalists, Canadian Public Relations Society). You are welcome to suggest other useful sites and information when you come across them. I will also post breaking news about media as I come across it (e.g. CRTC hearings, new research, changes in media ownership and operation.) Finally, I hope also to stimulate discussion and debate about media issues of the day (e.g. proposed changes to CBC Radio Two, Harper’s contentious media policy and so forth.) The University of Alberta Press and I are just setting up this blog (April 2008), and any suggestions for improvement will be very welcome. We would like this to be an active, ongoing and relevant site. You can reach me at wwcarney@hotmail.com or submit comments in the space below.

3 Responses

  1. Hey, Bill. This is the first chance I’ve had to get a glimpse of your site . . .just finished our coordination of a big, international conference and so getting back to reality. This looks really cool. Good information, good links. Hope it’s going well for you. Keep in touch.


  2. […] newswire ran an article reporting that death of mainstream media is much exaggerated. Author William Wray Carney reflects on the symbiotic relationship of mainstream and new media and also suggest there is no […]

  3. Great blog! Look forward to reading more.

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