Media Law and Regulation

The Canadian Bar Association has a media law section and the CRTC is the main broadcast regulator. If there are others which should be included here, please send me a post or email me at

The Canadian Bar Association Media Law section. Unfortunately, the items here are five years old.

Michael Geist of the University of Ottawa runs a site on Internet/copyright/new media law that also issues e-alerts: BNA

Osgoode Hall law students operate a site which discusses recent Supreme Court rulings: The Court

For those who are more interested, here are a couple of books on the subject:

A Sourcebook on Canadian Media Law (second edition, Martin and Adam, McGill-Queen’s University Press).

Media Law (2nd edition, Martin, Irwin Law). There is no link, but any bookseller could find a copy.

A good Introduction to Media Law is provided by the School of Journalism at UBC.

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) regulates all broadcast media, possibly including new media (it is reviewing this) and possibly affecting newspapers, since most of these are tied to multi media corporations.

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