Egyptian uprising boosts Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera English saw its North American numbers rise dramatically as it pushed its advantage of covering Arab/Muslim issues to the rest of the world. Too bad hardly anyone gets it or wants to get it. The only other broadcaster providing a nonWestern view of the world is APTN News, which takes an aboriginal perspective on stuff. Whether its US news, BBC, Agence France Presse or whatever, it’s still western.

Toronto Star, Feb. 15 2011


Al Jazeera English coming to Canada

AJE has reached agreement with BCE, Rogers and Videotron to be carried on their cable/satellite operations (AJE has already received CRTC permission to broadcast in Canada). This is good news: another news medium and one that is distinctly more international than The parochial and understaffed North American networks, cable or otherwise. AJE is not to be confused with AJA, Al Jazeera Arabic, which has been charged with anti-Semitism and support for Al Quaeda. It’s worth a look, but I’m sure Canada’s Jewish community will be scrutinizing it very carefully for the kind of biases its sister channel takes.

Report on Business, May 5 2010