CAB shifts focus to copyright

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters, long a lobby group for commercial television, is shifting its focus from advocacy and regulatory affairs to copyright. CAB was considering disbanding (members probably wondered what they got for their fees and in the climate of declining ad rates, probably don’t want to put more money into their trade association, particularly when they’re all competitors. Now, if we could just get a copyright law out of Ottawa.

J-Source, January 14 2011

Broadcasters’ group shuts down

The Canadian Association of Broadcasters, a lobby group for television and radio stations, is shutting down this June, the victim of the ongoing war between cable broadcasters and over-the-air broadcasters. Both are fighting before the CRTC, and cluttering up the airwaves, over whether cable companies should charge us, the consumer, with fees to carry the over-the-air companies (CTV, Global, CBC). It’s a bit rich that the CBC would get a cent, given that we’re already paying close to a billion annually for it. Anyway, CAB is gone, and likely not to be missed by many.

Globe and Mail, February 25 2010