Back to the future: CRTC decision on BCE takeover of CTV

Carleton journalism prof Dwayne Winseck has a good opinion piece in the Star about the CRTC decision to allow BCE to buy, again, CTV, noting that it is a revisit of the vertical integration of media of 10 years ago, that resulted in a massive financial trainwreck. He has a point that there seems to be no particular vision of the regulator on who owns media in Canada, under what guidelines.

Toronto Star, March 11 2011

CBC whacked over glacial response to FOI’s

Federal Information Commissioner gave CBC and Canada Post the worst grade — red alert — for the slowness, in not downright unresponsiveness, to the requests they receive for freedom of information. To its credit, CBC said it will address the issue, and commit more resources to handling the backlog. One thing that might help is if the Sun chain stops FOI’ing CBC to death, as part of its campaign to root out Liberals, leftists, McGovernites and comsymps* from the Mother Corporation.

Vancouver Sun, March 10 2010

* comsymps = communist sympathizers. Yes, we really talked like that during the Cold War. And don’t be surprised if a 24 hour Sun TV news channel brings the old terms back, including McGovernites, a reference to a liberal Democratic candidate who was crushed in the 1972 presidential campaign, and served as some weird political foe to US neocon Newt Gingrich in the 1990’s. Newt looks like he’s making a comeback; wonder if he’ll be hired as a commentator by Sun TV?

CBC posts new ethical/professional guidelines

CBC has come up with a revised version of its code of practice; most media outlets have something similar. It’ll be interesting to see if CBC lives up to it, particularly accountability and corrections. This page is just the introduction; the links on the left give much more specific direction (e.g. covering politics, youth etc.)

CBC, Nov. 18 2010

Wage cuts latest tactic in media meltdown

Irish TV and radio took a wage cut recently, as has the Sacramento Bee (6 %). Today, John Doyle of the Globe suggests the same for the CBC. Wonder if he’s as enthusiastic about taking a cut at the Globe, which is suffering along with all other media these days.

Associated Press, March 6 2009

More right wing CBC bashing

Lorne Gunter continues the right’s assault on CBC, particularly television. It shouldn’t be forgotten that, while the role of CBC TV is open to debate in the multi-channel digital TV world, CBC Radio is the only national radio network in the country. Also, Radio One’s ratings continue to be strong (I’ll wait until the new format of Radio Two is launched before commenting on its success or failure.) The role of CBC does need a thorough, thoughtful discussion, beyond just pulling the plug as Mr. Gunter recommends.

The National Post A12, May 26 2008