CHEK Lives!

Yes, CHEK TV of Victoria, a former CanWest casualty, has been purchased by a consortium of local investors, former employees and CEP (Communications, Energy and Paperworkers), for the princely sum of $2. Though the odds against it are long (it’s been losing $12 million a year), perhaps a nonCanwest management can make a go of it. These kinds of labor/employee buys have sometimes been successful. Here’s hoping another lost media voice comes to life again.



CHEK lives!

Yes, chalk one up for the good guys. Canwest threatened to close four smaller TV stations, but at the end of the day found buyers for three of them (Red Deer didn’t make it, but it was always a tough slog jammed between Edmonton and Calgary stations. CHEK Victoria was bought out by its employees and the Aspers came to terms on Friday, with formal CRTC approval to come quickly. Meanwhile, the real big test ahead: will Victoria residents tune into a local station with a local focus, or tune into those giants across the bay hyping the latest Hollywood gunk? Do your bit Victoria, or you could lose it after all.

Vancouver Sun, September 5 2009

CHEK still clinging to life; latest deadline midnight tonight

To their credit, the Aspers and Canwest are still keeping CHEK TV Victoria on the air while they try to put together a deal with the staff and unions they can take to the CRTC to keep CHEK going. Stay tuned; it might be a very long weekend for some people in Victoria., September 4 2009