Good news for Canadian newspapers

Marketing Magazine takes a look at recent circulation figures, and concludes that the great decline has at least stopped; most big city papers are holding steady, as we slowly come out of the Great Recession. Le Droit is down, but the rest are doing well. The Toronto Star, possibly the most boring newspaper on the planet, continues to lead, for inscrutable reasons, PostMedia is holding well, but the Sun chain lags every market. How long will it last, and will a right wing  nut television channel save them?

Marking Magazine, via J-Source, Oct. 6 2010

Canadian newspaper readership holding steady

But the US is facing major declines. Canadian dailies are taking some losses, but they generally are marginal, and probably not statistically significant, unlike the double digit losses in the US. And some surprising news: the National Post is up ten per cent. Is it too little too late for the Post, which is up for auction along wit the other CanWest dailies and communities? The Star is one of the bidders and if it wins it winds down its competitor the National Post, but taking the Financial Post and integrating it into the Star, to better compete with the Globe and Mail/Report on Business tandem.

Globe and Mail, April 27 2010