Convergence: back to the future

Haven’t we seen this movie before, ten years ago? BCE bought CTV, and Torstar sold its share of the Globe to the Thomson family. All this in favoring of leveraging content over multiple platforms. I’m not sure why it’s going to work this time, after failing so spectacularly last time. I guess there’s a pent up demand from people who want to watch Avatar on their one-inch square cell phone. If I’m a shareholder of BCE, I’m selling.

Convergence rears its ugly head again at Global takeover

Remember convergence, the hottest trend of 1999? “We’re going to leverage content and launch from multiple platforms?” (translated from biz jargon, it means taking TV shows and running them on wireless devices like Ipods, laptops, cell etc.) It killed AOL Time Warner and CanWest, but Jim Shaw says the new Global is going in the same direction. Bay Street is skeptical, calling it, at best, a gamble. I wouldn’t buy Shaw shares right now; business ego seems to have no end, particularly in family run enterprises.

Globe and Mail, May 5 2010