Back to the future: CRTC decision on BCE takeover of CTV

Carleton journalism prof Dwayne Winseck has a good opinion piece in the Star about the CRTC decision to allow BCE to buy, again, CTV, noting that it is a revisit of the vertical integration of media of 10 years ago, that resulted in a massive financial trainwreck. He has a point that there seems to be no particular vision of the regulator on who owns media in Canada, under what guidelines.

Toronto Star, March 11 2011

CTV’s turn

Today CTV announced 105 staff to be cut back across its operations. Still unclear where they’ll be; CTV telegraphed this announcement last week, meaning a lot of CTV employees will be twisting in the wind, wondering whether the cuts will be in news, sales, production etc. I prefer the CanWest approach: make all the cuts at once, and define where they’ll be, so that gloom doesn’t spread across the organization.

Reuters/reportonbusiness, Nov. 27 2008