CBC cuts seem to target small stations

Roy MacGregor and the former NDP MP for Sudbury go on quite a rant about CBC’s cuts halving Sudbury’s outlet, while no one gets the boot in Toronto. Sad if it’s so; CBC’s greatest and best role is serving remote, rural and northern Canada that the private sector won’t. Shame on CBC if it’s following Canwest/CTV’s plan to sell smaller stations.

Globe and Mail, May 3 2009

Torstar the latest

All the news about media these days is coming from the business media, and it’s almost all bad (Quebecor isn’t doing too badly, but its money is coming from cable and cell phones, not media like the Sun.) Anyhoo, Torstar has the latest losses, to the point it halved its dividend. And more cuts to come.

“We are aggressively reducing costs at the Star and Metroland. We’ve already made some good progress, but there’s a good deal more to come in the weeks and months ahead.”

Canoe/CP, Feb. 26 2009

Globe and Mail to cut 10 per cent of staff

The Globe has joined CanWest, the Sun and everyone else in announcing cutbacks to its staff today, of up to 10 per cent of positions.  Their language in explaining this is fairly apocolyptic: “the survival of the fittest applies.” My bet: the Sun chain goes down, followed by the National Post, with English language media monopolies in every city except Toronto, and that would only have two real dailies, the Star and the Globe (the free subway papers don’t count.)

Report on Business, Jan. 10 2009